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Insurance ombudsman disposes of 92% of complaints in FY23

New Delhi, Nov 9, 2023 

The insurance ombudsman disposed of over 92 per cent of the complaints it received from the insured during 2022-23.

It received 55,946 complaints during the year across its offices in the country, of which 51,625 were disposed of.

The Delhi centre disposed of all the 5,257 complaints it got during the year, according to a press statement issued by the Delhi office of the Insurance Ombudsman.

The Delhi centre had organised camps at Gurugram and Faridabad, too, in which insurance ombudsman Sunita Sharma heard local complaints during the year. There is a mechanism of registering and hearing these complaints online, too.

The Office of Insurance Ombudsman is an alternate grievance redressal platform. It aims to resolve grievances of aggrieved policyholders against insurance companies and their intermediaries or insurance brokers speedily and cost-effectively.

The offices of the Insurance Ombudsman are under the administrative control of the Council for Insurance Ombudsman (CIO).

Bima Lokpal Day is celebrated every year on November 11 to mark the foundation day of the establishment of the insurance ombudsman.

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