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‘If turnover is above Rs 5 cr, file reconciliation statement’

Indore, December 4, 2022

If a trader has not been audited under any law, then in such a situation it would be appropriate to get his books audited first and then file 9-C

Chartered accountant Kirti Joshi, former chairman of the Indore Branch of The Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAI) has said that there are a total of 19 tables in GSTR-9, which is very important to take proper care of while filing. In cases where the turnover of the dealer is more than Rs 5 cr., he will also have to file an additional reconciliation statement GSTR-9C and while filing this, the dealer will have to match the turnover of his audited balance sheet with the turnover of GST.

If a trader has not been audited under any law, then in such a situation it would be appropriate to get his books audited first and then file 9-C. Joshi was addressing here a seminar organised on GST annual return form GSRT-9 and GSTR-9C. The seminar was organised by CA Indore Branch on Saturday.

Ankit Somani said that the last date for filing GST annual return for the financial year 2021 - 2022 is 31st December. All those traders whose aggregate turnover is more than Rs 2 cr. have to compulsorily file their returns. If any trader was required to file an annual return but did not file his return on time, then he will have to pay a late fee of Rs 200 per day, which will have to be paid up to 0.5% of the maximum turnover. Taxpayers whose turnover was less than Rs 2 cr. but had made any mistake in filing GST returns for the year 2021-22, such as input credit being left to be taken or tax being paid less, then they should also file their annual return. Otherwise, the department will give notice to them in future and will face a penalty in the absence of a proper explanation.

Krishna Garg said that the reality in filing the GST return is that most businessmen leave something or the other details wrong while filing the monthly return. This time the HSN summary has been made mandatory for the first time in the GST annual return. Thus, the taxpayers are facing a lot of problems in filing it and it is practically difficult to give the HSN summary of GST for small taxpayers and traders who trade in many items. For example, while filing HSN for auto parts or grocery business, it should also be noted that indirectly you are giving your quantity status to the department.

Arpit Mundra stated that normally we do not get bank charges invoices from the bank but there is a special rule for the bank to issue an invoice that they can issue monthly invoice or statement and if you have that monthly bank statement, then you can take credit on that Aadhaar.

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