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GST Advisory:

Geocoding Functionality for the Additional Place of Business


Dear Taxpayers,

1.GSTN is pleased to inform that the geocoding functionality for the "Additional Place of Business" address is now active across all States and Union Territories. This builds upon the geocoding functionality earlier implemented for the principal place of business, operational since February 2023.

2.To date, over 2.05 crore addresses have been geocoded for both principal and additional places of business by GSTN. Moreover, since March 2022, all new addresses are geocoded at the point of registration, ensuring consistent accuracy and standardisation from the beginning.

3. Here is a brief guide on how to utilize this feature:

i. Access: Navigate to Services>>Registration>>Geocoding Business Addresses tab on the FO portal to find this functionality.

ii. Usage: The system will display a system-generated geocoded address. You have the option to accept this or modify it as needed. If a system-generated address is not available, you can input the geocoded address directly.

iii. Viewing: Saved geocoded address details can be found under the "Geocoded Places of Business" tab. After logging in, go to My Profile >> Geocoded Places of Business.

iv. One-time Submission: This is a one-time activity, and post-submission, address revisions are not permitted. Taxpayers who have already geocoded their addresses through new registration or core amendment would not be required to do this as on the GST portal their address will be shown as geocoded. Remember, changes to the address on your registration certificate can only be made through the core amendment process. This geocoding feature will not affect previously saved addresses.

v. Eligibility: This feature is accessible to normal, composition, SEZ units, SEZ developers, ISD and casual taxpayers whether they are active, canceled, or suspended.

Thank you,


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