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Hi there!

Hope you are finding CAalley an easy way to stay updated and access useful information at your convenience. In the days to come, we shall add more content for you to refer to.

Due dates, deadlines and compliance -- that is what a CA's life comes down to. All this leads to a lot of mental stress. Clients are no easy to handle either and we all know that. CAalley was brought online to help CAs in keeping track of the various laws and also provide easy access to reference material. But that's the work part. It will surely make things easier for you but the mental stress to meet deadlines will be there. 

Hence, comes the need to de-stress. We must take some time out of our busy schedules to relax our minds. This is where Fun alley comes into the picture. 

Fun-alley is our attempt to help you take 5-10 minute breaks in between your busy schedule to relax your mind. 

We have added some content on a trial basis to explore an aspect of de-stressing. We believe that if we take our minds to the best days of our life, we can immediately feel relaxed. It works for us. It should work for you too. Try it out and let us know your opinion. 

Happy gaming and watching :)  


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