Chartered Accountants (Amendment) Act, 2006
The Government of India, Ministry of Company Affairs vide Notification No. S.O. 1276(E) dated 8th August, 2006 published in the Gazette of India, Extraordinary, Part II - Section 3 - Sub-section (ii) dated 10th August, 2006, has appointed the 8th August, 2006, as the date of coming into force of certain provisions of the Chartered Accountants (Amendment) Act, 2006. The relevant sections of the Chartered Accountants (Amendment) Act, 2006 which have come into force, as aforesaid, as well as the corresponding section of the original Act and area/subject matter are given below for general information of members, students and others:-
Sl. No. Section of the Amendment Act Section of the original Act Area/Subject Matter
1 1 Preamble Short title and commencement
2 2 2 Definitions
3 3 4(3) Fee for entry of names in the register
4 4 5(3) Fee for fellows and associates
5 5 6(2) & (3) Fee for certificate of practice and cancellation of Certificate of Practice
6 7 10 Re-election or re-nomination to Council including cap on number of terms
7 9 12 President and Vice-President
8 12 New Section 15A Imparting education by universities
9 16 [excepting Clause (i)] 19(4) Annual Membership fee
10. 17 20 Restoration of name in the register
11 22 24A Omission of section 24A(3) regarding non-applicability of provisions of Section 24A to Universities established by law etc.
12 23 26 Consequences of Unqualified persons signing the documents on behalf of firm of Chartered Accountants etc.
13 25 New Section 29A New section empowering government to frame rules
14 26 30 Change of nomenclature, articled/ audit clerks to articled/audit assistants etc.
15 27 30B New section regarding laying of papers in the Parliament
16 28 [excepting new Sections 30D and 30E relating to protection of action taken in good faith and certain categories of persons and officials etc. to be treated as public servants. New Section 30C Power of Central Government to issue directions to Council and dissolution etc.
(T. Karthikeyan)
17th August, 2006

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